January Blog Challenge #102: Icy Adventures

Crafting Frosty Dreams: Dive into Icy Adventures!


As winter's gentle touch graces our world, beau Q Creations unveils this month's papercraft contest theme — "Icy Adventures." Imagine stepping into a place where the air sparkles with frost, and every surface wears a glistening coat of ice. Our theme invites you to a creative journey through the wonders of "Icy Adventures," capturing the magic of winter's chill in your papercraft masterpieces.

Our color palette guides you through all the complexities of an icy adventure transforming scenes into a world of frosty enchantment. Imagine the serene beauty of frosty blues, mirroring the cool, calm tones of a frozen lake. Combine this with the purity of Snow White, the muted elegance of Frosty Silver, and the gentle touch of Glacial Teal. Picture the subtle warmth of Dusty Mauve, the calming allure of Sage Gray, and the romantic essence of Lavender Rose adding depth to this winter wonderland. Introduce Minted Aqua for a breath of fresh, cool air, creating a harmonious balance in your crafty masterpiece. Every color tells a story of winter magic.

Grab your glitter and ink to transform your paper into a frosty adventure. Picture scenes where snowflakes twirl in the air, and icy peaks stand sentinel against the winter sky. Craft characters wearing cozy scarves, ready to embark on quests through snow-draped landscapes. Perhaps they'll glide gracefully across a frozen pond or scale a mountain adorned in icy splendor. The possibilities are as boundless as the winter landscapes themselves.

beau Q Creations Challenge #102 is a testament to the breathtaking beauty of winter escapades.

There are two ways to submit your entry for Challenge #102 Icy Adventures:

  • On our Facebook fan page “The beau Q Crew” with the hashtag #beauQchallenge102
  • On Instagram – Tag us @beauqcreations and use the hashtag #beauQChallenge102 in the caption

May your creations sparkle like frost-kissed dreams and may your icy adventures on paper be as enchanting as the winter itself. Happy crafting!

Need some inspiration? Check out these creations from our design team!

Jennifer used Simon Hurley Solar Paste in Royal Flush to give an icy shimmer to the stenciled design and embossed snowflakes. The icy shimmer is complemented by the iridescent shine card stock and drip drop embellishments.

This card has an ink blended background with stenciled snowflakes. Jennifer used stencil paste as an adhesive for the prismatic glitter. The two little mice are getting into some mischief during their icy adventure.

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